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ZX-12 Anodized Billet Clutch Basket
Product Code: 0006-00004

Price: $190.35 $342.63

ZX-12 Anodized Billet Clutch Basket Price Match

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Product Information

Muzzys Performance Products now has available billet clutch baskets for the ZX-12R. The stock clutch baskets on the ZX-12R have shown to be marginal for continued drag racing use, suffering cracks and an expensive failure. This billet anodized aluminum basket is the ultimate solution for customers who wish to drag race their ZX-12R. The basket is machined from an aluminum billet and fastened to the stock gear assembly with new high strength, welded rivets. Available in two versions, the first is the Clutch Basket Complete.You send your basket to Muzzys for exchange or you pay a refundable core charge for immediate shipment. Pending inspection and approval of your basket, the core charge will be refunded.
The second version is offered as a kit complete with high strength rivets and spacers.

When coupled with the Muzzys drilled hub and new plates, this is the ultimate clutch for the ZX-12R!

2002-2005 ZX-12
0006-00004 2002-2005 ZX-12 Billet Clutch Basket


Product Attributes
Model:  ZX12R